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The Retail Sales Managers Film Service was generally produced for Willys Overland Distributors by Wilding Picture Productions Inc. 1358 Mullett St, Detroit, Michigan or Visual Demonstration System, Inc, 259 Delaware Ave, Buffalo N.Y.   These were Black and White positive image 35 mm Half Frame rolls of film (usually Kodak Safety Film) of about 40 to 50 frames.  The film was distributed in little circular tins measuring 1 ½ inches diameter and 1 ½ inches in height with a cardboard insert on the lid giving the film title.  The film had to be manually advanced, a frame at a time for viewing.  As there was no sound (Automotive Talking motion pictures were first introduced by Graham Paige in 1929), the films contain photographic frames interspersed with pure text frames.

Now thanks to the dedicated efforts of WOKR member Spence Fowler, you too can enjoy these films without having to track down the films and projector.  However you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader downloaded to your computer as a "plug-in".  If you can't view pdf files go to http://www.adobe.com/ and click on their "Get Acrobat Reader" icon.  It is both free and safe to use !

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