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History of the Knight Engine
1st Quarter
Construction of the Knight Engine
2nd Quarter
Replacing Top Water Cover Jacket Covers on Willys Knight Engines
3rd Quarter
Handley Knight History and Specifications
Removing Pistons and Rods in 4 and 6 cyl Knight Engines
4th Quarter
Willys Knight - Remove and Reinstall Cyl Block
1st Quarter
Moline Knight
2nd Quarter
Moline Knight Service Information
Stearns Knight Production Information
3rd Quarter
Fitting Sleeves
4th Quarter
Sleeve ID
Ignition Data
Lubrication Data for 66-70B
1st Quarter
History of the Overland
1914 Daimler
Willys Knight 70B vs 87 Identification
Service Tips - Gaskets, Carburetor Specs, Finger Tip Control
2nd Quarter
1927 Willys Knight Varsity Roadster Model 66A
Willys Knight Spark Control
Timing the Whippet
3rd Quarter
Willys Knight Ser Nos 1914 - 33
Stearns Knight Co Info and 1912 photo
4th Quarter
1931 Willys 6 Model 97
1930 Voisin Speed Record
1914 Knight Engine Manufacturers
Knight Valve Timing
1st Quarter
Snap Ring Tire Changing
Overland 91 Information
2nd Quarter
Handley Knight Four
History of Knight Engine Part 1
Stearns Knight 6 Specifications
Willys Knight Engine Assembly
Overland Models 91 - 92
Willys Knight Eight
3rd & 4th Qtr
History of Knight Engine Part 2
Stearns Knight
Willys Knight 66D
Knights and Indianapolis Race Track
Service Tips - Clearances
Overland Model 90, 1917-19 Service Info
Lyons Knight 1913
1st Qtr
Willys Knight Country Club Advert
Minerva Advert
New Stearns Knight Engine
New Columbia Knight Engine
New Moline Knight Engine
Model 84 Willys Knight Advert
1911 Overland Advert
Oil Rectifier Service Tips
2nd & 3rd Qtr
Mercedes Knight 1914 & 1921
Sterling Knight 1923, 1925
Brewster 1915 - 25
Daimler 1908 - 35
Stoddard Dayton 1912
Link Belt Information
Timing Sleeve Valves
Replacing Top Water Cover Gaskets on Willys Knight Engines
Remove and Reinstall Cylinder Block
Interchangeable Clutch Plates
1915 Lyons Kight - Brief Description
1915 Overland - Brief Description
Interchangeable Rear Axle Gears and Shafts
1903 Overland and Photograph
Song of the Willys Knight
1925 Overland Adds Sedan to Line
1911 Overland Surrey
Lyons Knight
Servicing The Willys Knight, Part 1
Servicing The Willys Knight, Part 2
Servicing The Willys Knight, Part 3
Willys Knight K-19
Vauxhall Single Sleeve Six
Lamp Bulbs 1922 - 33
Willys Knight 70 Servicing
W.O. Stock Certificates
Whippet Brake Repair
R&V Knight Advert
Servicing the Lanchester Balancer
Willys 97
Willys 99
The Equipage of King George the 5th
1/2 Cyl Willys Knight Engine
Auto Wiring Tips
Lanchester Balancer
Stearns Knight Engine Description
Care of Auto - Tips
Removing Tight Nuts and Bolts
Production Info. 1933 - 42
History of Knight Motors
Willys Knight Model 84
1923 One Millionth Car (Willys Knight)
Willys Knight Production Info 1914 - 25
1933 Willys Knight 66E
African Safari
Hawker Sea Fury Plane
Wilson Foundry
1914 Australian Road Race - Overland
Overland Production Info 1912 - 26
Overland Model 91 Paint Specifications
Anderson Bodies for Willys Knight
Willys Knight 66E
Willys Knight Production Info 1925 - 1933
1922-28 Willys Knight Service Info
1939 W-O Pickup Truck Photographs
1929 Overland Service Tips
1912 Daimler Knight Photographs
Russell Knight
Columbia Knight
1923 Avions Voisin
Willys 77 Service
WaterCover Nut Fabrication
1930 Whippet
Willys Knight Model 66 Sport Roadster
Willys 99
Willys Knight 70B Tune Up
Willys 1914 Truck
Willys Model 37 Tune Up System
Willys 77
Making a Whippet Generator Sprocket Puller
Knight Taxi
1923 Willys Knight
Rover Knight
Willys Six 1929 Model 98B
Overland Production Info 1903 - 11
Willys Knight Six Cyl Truck
Stewart Vacuum Tank
Willys Knight 70B and 87
Overland 1920 - 26
Skinner Oil Rectifier
1917 - 1918 Moline Knight
Willys Knight 66 and 66A
Gabriel Snubbers
Willys Knight 66B
1916 Overlands Models 83, 83B, 75, 75B
K-S Gasoline Telegauge
Whippet Four 1926 - 31
Daimler Knight Double Six
W-O Factory in 1927
Finger Tip Control Swich for Whippet
W.K. 66D and 66E
Tryon Spring Shackles
1915 Overland 
Edwards Knight and Willys Knight K
1927-28 Falcon Knight
Willys Accessories
Casting Rubber Parts
1928-29 Willys Knight Model 56
1914 Overland Model 79
1936 Willys 77 Engine Service
Replacing White Metal Parts
Stoddard-Dayton with Knight Engine
1937 Willys 77 Engine Service
1925-26 Overland 6 Model 93
Loew-Knight Marine Engine
Top Bow Saddle Fabrication
1927-28 Whippet Sixes Model 93A
Lyons Knight
Mounting Tires
1926-28 Willys Knight 70, 70A
Top Bow Restoration
1932 Willys Trucks
Carburetor Numbers
Casting Knight Head Radiator Ornaments
1929/30 Whippet Six 98A 
Willys Light Plant
How to clean Cyl Block Water Passages
Spark Plug Recommendations
Tech Tips - Alternative Processes for Paint and Rust Removal
Charles W Guentert
Charles Y. Knight and the Silent Knight
1930 Willys Eight
Tech Tips - Restoration of Hard Rubber Covered Door Handles; Cylinder Head Removal; 25-28 Willys Knight Distributor Restoration; Overland Clutch Facings; Gas Tank Gauge Gears
William Fred Meeks
Willys Overland and World War 1
1907 Overland
First Toledo Willys Overland Factory
1907 - 1918 Overland Production Data
Willys Knight 8-88 (1917 - 1919)
Whippet 96 Roadster Paint Specifications
Tech Tips - Servicing the Overland Four; Willys Knight Electreical Specs
J. N. Willys (1933 Sat Evening Post)
Whippet 96 4 Door Sedan Body Trimming - Interior
Overland Whippet Electrical Specs
Tech Tips - Wheel Maintenance
Garford Truck
Cy Davis
W-O Commercial Vehicles 1910 - 20
1931 Willys
Willys Overland Advertising
Tech Tips - Junk Ring Clicks
James Irwin Handley
The Stearns Knight Car (through 1915)
The Harrah Automobile Collection
The Willys Budd Connection
The Overland Birds (Model 92)
The Highway Knight Truck
More on Restoring Wheels
Tech Tips - Hood Fitting
The W-O Administration Building
W.O. & Czech Speaking Texans in 1923
James E Kepperley
W-O in the Twenties
Womens Motoring Apparel
Preliminary Designs for the 1940 & 41 Willys
Restoring a 1913 Overland Model 69 TC 30 HP Torpedo Touring
Tech Tips - De Rusting; Whippet 96 Electical Diagram and Specifications
Russell 1905 - 16
Recollections of a Knight Engine Mechanic
The Dowagiac, Mich, W-O Dealership
The Gasoline Horse
Those W-O Driveaways
Tech Tips - Gauge Repair; Repouring Bearings
Working at Willys Overland in the 1920's
Willys Overland of Canada
Silver Knight
The Reeves Octoauto
Willys 77
The Restoration of a Willys Knight
Willys Overland Postcards
Willys Knight 66 Touring
Tech Tips - Relining Band Brakes
Clement O. Miniger
W.O. Commercial Vehicles 1922 - 32
Stearns Knight B-4
Miss Blanche Scott's Tour
Post World War 2 Willys - Brooks Stevens
E.G. Eager & Son
Tech Tips - Relining Brake Bands; Removing Spark Plugs; Moulding Rubber
J.N. Willys Speech - Motor Car Assembly Lines Point West
More Recollections of a Knight Engine Mechanic
Stearns Knight Indianapolis Race Car
Restoration of a 1925 WK Sedan
Visible Gas Pumps
1910 Overland Wind Wagon
Commercial Vehicles (Part 2)
Whippet 96A Recall (Safety Transmission Shaft Loop)
Tech Tips - Differential Adjustment
Mrs. Barney Oldfield's 1910 Overland
1937 - 39 Willys
Other Valve Designs Part 1
Tech Tips - Freeing an Engine; Door Adjustment; Wind Deflector
1903 Overland
Ward M. Canaday
The Brewster Knight
Alternate Valve Designs Part 2
Willys Overland of Canada
1918 Overland Four Testing Trip
The Restoration of a W.K.
Tech Tips - Tillotson Model MS carburetor Adjustment; Knight Engine Timing
Delmar G (Barney) Roos
The 4 Cyl Willys Knight
The Lincoln Highway
Touring in a 1931 Willys
Tech Tips - Repair of the Stewart Vacuum Gasoline System
W-O Travelling Mechanics
1905 Overlands
1940 - 42 Willys
Alternate Valve Designs Part 3
A Single Sleeve Valve Engine
Chauffeur Badges
Overland Woodie
Tech Tips - Whippet Brake Adjustment
Passenger Cars using the Knight Engine
E.B. Mull and Early Correspondence
W-O Marketing in 1913
Early Auto Transport
Margaret Knight and the Other Knight Engines
Tech Tips - Changing the Clutch Leather on the 1916 Overland Model 83B
Overland Day in Denver
Overland Baseball Holiday
Stearns Knight Radiator Ornaments
The Great Sixes of Willys Knight Part 1
His Redbird (Overland 92) Revives the Roaring Twenties
E.G. Eager and Overland in Australia
Great Sixes of Willys Knight Part 2
A Demonstration or just a Ride - A W.O. Training Film
Tech Tips - Care of the Stewart Warner Speedometer
Commercial Vehicles with a Knight Engine
Herbert E. Ehret - W.O. Employee
The Willys Chrysler Six
The Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corp.
Tech Tips - How to provide better lubrication for the Models 93, 66 & 70
Manufacturers of Bodies for W-O Vehicles
The Silent Knight and Overland on the Glidden Tour
Whippet Fire Truck
The 1926-30 W-O Manchester Trucks
Tech Tips - Rectifier Installation - 64 & 65; Valve Tappet setting for Whippet
More Commercial vehicles using Knight Engines
Model K-19 Willys Knight
The Willys Six Part 1
W.O. Manchester Trucks Part 2
A Model 81 Overland
Service Lecture on the Whippet 96 Part 1
National Motor Museum of England (Beaulieu)
W-O. Performance
The Willys Six Part 2
A 1915 Overland Model 80
W-O at LeMans
Service Lecture on the Whippet 96 Part 2
The Tillotson Sleeve Valve Car
Recollections of a W-O. Employee
J.N. Willys Speech - Foreign Automobile Trade and the War
The Federal Knight Truck
The Willys Knight That Wasn't
Famous Personalities in Jeeps
The Willys Knight Special Six
Tech Tips - Whippet Color Matches
Silent Knight Performance Achievements
The Grounding of the OX-5
The History & Restoration of an Overland 79T
The rise and fall of the Overland Champion (Model 91 3 Door Sedan)
The Stearns Knight Part 1
Now - A True European Type Light Car (Whippet 96)
Tech Tips - Bearing Fits and Clearances recommended for Whippet 96
1st Quarter
The Stearns Knight Part 2
The New Willys Sport Models 1931 Model 97
Tech Tips - Circa 1925 W.K. service of Clutch, Transmission, Valves, Sleeves
2nd Quarter
W.O. California Plant
W.K. Silence Demo
Book Review - The History of Holden since 1917
Willys Utility Truck Bodies
The Falcon Knight
A 1912 Overland Racer
Whippet Economy Run
Tech Tips - Doing Your Own Wood
3rd Quarter
Testing the Chrysler 6
Overland in Iceland
W-O (From Fortune, 1946 Part 1)
Tech Tips - Trouble Chart for Knight Engines
4th Quarter
W.O. Shipments to England 1929 - 33
Overland Model 4
W.O. (From Fortune, 1946 Part 2)
Tech Tips - Circa 1925 W.K. service of eccentric camshaft, sleeve rods, main bearings, starter, generator, crankshaft sprocket, piston rings and pins.
1st Quarter
The Floating Power Engine Suspension System
Willys Six Light Trucks
W-O. (From Fortune, 1946 Part 3)
Sell the Women and Children First - W-O Dealer Training Film.
Tech Tips - Stewart Warner Vacuum Fuel Feed
2nd Quarter
Standard Wheel Company
MidWest Dealers give J.N. Willys Rousing Welcome
W-O Statistics
The Larger Willys Six Trucks
A 1922 Auto Four
Tech Tips - How to adjust Whippet 96 Tappets, Clutch, Diff.
3rd Quarter
The Darnel Engine
Tech Tips - How to adjust Hexdees Shock Absorbers
4th Quarter
Hojer of Denmark
A Mysterious Knight Type V-8
W-O Crossley Ltd Part 1
Federal Knight Truck
Tech Tips - 1920 - 1925 Carburetor Service
1st Quarter
The Skinner Split Sleeve Engine
W-O Crossley, Ltd Part 2
Tech Tips - Skinner Rectifier, Distributor, Circuit Breaker, Coil
2nd Quarter
W-O Crossley, Ltd. (Addendum)
Whippet Performance Achievements
WK Model 64 Country Club in New Zealand
Tech Tips - Replacement of Pistons in Model 4, Universal Joint Repair.
3rd Quarter
Willys in Manchester
W-O Engineering Experiments Part 1
Tech Tips - Service of Knight Engine
4th Quarter
W-O History - Rotary Valve engines
John Willys Speech - Motor Car Trend is towards Permanency
E Wilking Sons Co, Zanesville, Ohio
Overland and the Knights in the Prairie Provinces
Tech Tips - Head Light Reflector, Radiator Emblems, Windshield Frames
1st Quarter
W-O Engineering Experiments
Sterling Knight 1920 - 26
Licence Agreement for use of Knight Engine
Willys Knight 66B
Restoration of a Whippet
Tech Tips - Fabric U Joints, Engine Cooling
2nd Quarter
W-O Straight 8 Sleeve Valve Engine
Australian Dealer Body Plates
The Stephens Silent Six
Around the World without stopping the Engine
3rd Quarter
Stephens Autombiles (Addendum)
The Mercedes Knight and the Upper Eschelon
The W-O Toronto Plant
Tech Tips - Painting Your Car, Drive Shaft Universals
4th Quarter
W-O Finger Tip Control
Gabriel Snubbers
Willys Knight Truck
John North Willys
Sydney Brisbane Record
The Day of the Knight
Tech Tips - Rewiring, Paint, Snubber Webbing
1st Quarter
W-O in Queensland Australia
Yellow Sleeve Valve Coaches, TaxiCabs and Trucks Part 1
Tech Tips - Carburetor Leak
2nd Quarter
The Steel Sleeve Valve Engine
Overland Patents
Whippet Six
Yellow Sleeve Valve Coaches, TaxiCabs and Trucks Part 2
Restoration of a 1909 Model 30 Overland
Tech Tips - 3 Phase Power
3rd Quarter
Yellow Sleeve Valve Coaches, TaxiCabs and Trucks Part 3
Tech Tips - Tire Wear and Front Wheel Alighnment
4th Quarter
Dutch Assembly of Willys Cars
W-O in New Zealand
Tech Tips - Valve Seating, Cooling, Tappet Adjustment - Whippet 96
1st Quarter
Packard vs Knight
Marion Motor Car Co Part 1
The New "70" Willys Knight
2nd Quarter
Sleeve Valve cars at Hillsborough
The Willys Knight Eight custom Chassis
The Marion Motor Car Co Part 2
Tech Tips - Adjustment and Graphite Greasing of Gabriel Snubbers
3rd Quarter
The Harshman Tractors
The Marion Motor Car Co Part 3
Whippet 96 Exterior Colors
4th Quarter
Greyhound Bus
1915 Overland
1930 Whippet Roadster
Tech Tips - Pulling Pistons on Non Removable Cyl Heads, Knight Motor Service Tips
1st Quarter
Raunch and Lang Gasoline Electric
1903 Overland
Tech Tips - Unleaded gasoline in Knight Engine
The Stearns in Competition
Autobiography of a Model 42 Overland
The British Overland
Tech Tips - Max Performance in WK 70A, Screws for WK66 & 70A
Book Review: Willys 77
Single Sleeve Engines at Indy
The family Overland Model 91 
Tech Tips - Modern Distributor for WK 66A, Overland 1915 Model 81 Touring
Stearns Knight Dealer
Model 83 Overland
Whippet Demonstration
Sleeve Valve Motor Cycle
Tech Tips - Dodge Pistons for Whippet, Rear Bearing Cap Packing, Front Wheel Oil Seals
Jeep, The first 50 years
Indiana to Montana in a 1915 Overland
WORK Library - Jumping Overland
Tech Tips - Relining Band Brakes
The almost 1935 Hupp-Willys
The 1924 R&V Knight Saga
1917 Sales Brochure
Tech Tips - Tune Up for Max. Gas Mileage - W.O. Service Dept.
Tech Tips - Water Pump bushing - Fan End Model 56, 70A, 96, 98, T100
The Almost Pierce Arrow Knight
Marion goes Leaf Peeping
Tech Tips - Model 96 Whippet Rear Axle bearing and Diff installation
Air Cooled Knight Engine
Buffalo Bill Rides an Overland
W-O Crossley Ltd
Federal-Knight Truck
Tech Tips - 1920 - 1925 Carburetor Service
1909 Dinner Menu
Overland Delivery Wagon
Oil Dilution
My Overland 83B
1927 Whippet
Tech Tips - Restoration Modifications to veteran Overland Motors Part 1, Lower edge of Model 64 Touring door springing away from body.
Restoring a 27 WK 66A
Tech Tips - Restoration Modifications to veteran Overland Motors Part 2
WO Engineering Experiments Part 3
History of a 1926 WK
Dust Bowl Overland
Tech Tips - Overland Locking Gear Problem
My Willys 98-B
Book Review - Power Behind the Wheel
Bits and Pieces - 77 main bearing question
NAPA Conversion Chart
Whippet Beats Train
1939 Willys Tourer
Tech Tips - Distributor Plate Replacement - 1928 WK 70A
Overland in Art
Apple Box Engine
Restoring the Whippet Part 1
Tech Tips - How to prime Oil Pump on Willys Knight
Bits & Pieces - Diamond T & C.A. Tilt
The Clincher Tire
Father's Willys Knight
Restoring the Whippet Part 2
Cracked Block
Willys Model 77
Adventures of the Marion
Model 20's New Home
Tech Tips - Timing a Willys Knight Engine
Fashion Wise - The Tea Dress
Valves, Valves, Valves - Which One ?
Mystery Overland
Stewart Vacuum Gasoline System
Tech Tips - Motor Timing, Overland 6 Main Bearing Removal, Overland Oiling System, Exhaust Smoke on WK 20-A, 27, 67, 64.
Fashion Wise - Early Years, Clothing Industry
Meet "Slick Willy" - 1932 Willys Roadster
1932 Willys - Silver Streak Motor
The Moline Knight, R&V Knight
The Skinner Rectifier
Maintenance of the Oil Rectifier
Moline Knight - Artists Drawing - Front Cover
Moline Knight $2400 Advert - Inside Rear Cover
Moline Knight Model G Advert - Back Cover
Automotive History Chart - CentreFold
Overland - The Terre Haute Years
Fashion Wise - Fashion Show in Moline
King Seeley Hydrostatic Gas Gauge
Tech Tips: Gas Welding
Mystery Overland Revealed - 1914 Model 79
Russell and his Silent Knight Engine
Willys-Overland Mechanic
Clarence Earl and the Earl Car
Where are those Engine Numbers
Slick Willy Rides Again - 1932 Willys Overland
Rebuilding Your Knight Engine
Battery Starting Connection for Dixie 40 Magnetos
Fashion Wise - Dresses of the 20's
Bits and Pieces - Static Electricity
On to Indy
Fashion Wise - Cloche hat, 1928 Dresses
This Willys Knight
Why a Willys Knight
Centrefold - J.N. Willys Lecture in the Plant
1930 Whippet in Hoffa Movie
The Match Made by a Willys
The B.S.A.
Parts, Parts, Parts
Tech Talk - The solutions to Model 82 fouled plugs, Overland Fan Belt Specs, Replacing a Clutch 
The Honeymoon Special - 1927 Whippet Cabriolet Coupe 
Briggs Brown Essay Contest - Dallas, Texas (J.N. Willys presenting Prizes)
Fashion Wise - 20th Century Man 1900-13
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - 1932 Willys 8-88 Roadster
The Womens Sufferage Movement - 1915
The Perfected Whippet
The History of my Model 96 Overland Whippet Coach
Rudys Avions Voisin, Voisin History, 1936 C-28 Voisin
Tech Talk - Secrets of the Sleeve Valve Engine, Rebuilding your Knight Engine, Whippet 96 Bearing Fits & Clearances
1928 Whippet 96 Ink Sketch - Front Cover
1928 Whippet Fours / Sixes Advert from June 30 Literary Digest - Back Cover
1928 Whippet 96 Advert from April 7 Literary Digest - Inside Back Cover
1928 Whippet 96 Advertisement - CentreFold
Our Members from Germany - 1928 Whippet 96 and 1929 Whippet 96A
It was Destiny - 1933 Willys 8-88A
The Return of The Willys Knight (1929 70B Coach)
Fashion Wise - 20th Century Man 1914 - 27
The 1995 Meet in Altoona
The Journey of the Overland 4
The Lone Star Gliddon Tour
Sleeve Valve Dimensions & Notes
Tech Talk - Steering and Front Axle Repair
Stearns Knight Under Restoration - Front Cover Photo
1928 Whippet 96 Canopy Express (Rear View) - Back Cover Photo
Golden Quill Award
The Shape of Things to Come - Sterling Knight
Fashion Wise - Accessories, 1907 - 1918
Road to Toledo Part 3 incl first W.O. Factory (1908).
1907 Overland Couplet / 1908 Model 24 Runabout Factory Advert Photos
Bits And Pieces - Members 96A Whippet Sedan and 1916 W.K. Model 84B Touring
The Burt-McCollum Sleeve Valve Engine (1911)
Hershey 1995
Australian Show and Shine
Tech Talk - Torque Specifications
1909 Model 30 Overland Photos - Front and Back Cover
1909 Appreciation Dinner Menu - Inside Back Cover
Fashion Wise - Fashion Between WW1 and 2
Bits and Pieces - 1938 Willys Truck and its Roots
A Criteria Fullfilled - 1928 Whippet Touring
My Grandfather F.B. Stearns
In 1896 the Stearns was Born
The Stearns Laudaulet - Full Page Advert
The Altoona Trek
Woodgraining Effects - The Easy Way
Tech Talk - Watson Stabilators, Model 91 valves, Model 83 Steering Column, Poppet Valve Seat Recession
Willys Knight Closed Cars (Advert) - Front and Back Cover
Stearns Eight Cylinder Advert - Inside Back Cover
1911 Stearns Advert - CentreFold
Bits And Pieces - Rare 1916 Overland Model 75 Roadster
Fashion Wise - Fashion restrictions during the 1st and 2nd World Wars
An Island Story - 1933 Willys 77 
Willys Overland Headquarters in Toledo
Stearns - The Ultimate Car Part 2
Like a fine Wine - 1927 Willys Knight Sedan
War Stories - Sleeve Valve Planes
The Bristol Sleeve Valve Engines
The Beverley, Another Thoroughbred
Tech Talk - The Mysterious Magneto
Tech Tips for Overland 91, 93, 93A and Whippet 96
Stearns Knight Advert - Front, Back and Inside Back Cover
Stearns Knight Advert showing inside of Stearns Factory - CentreFold
Fashion Wise - A Plea for Help
The Overland Hotel
George and Earl Holley & their famous Carburetor
Two Speed Torpedo (1911 Overland Model 46)
Willys Knight Shot full of Holes (1922 Model 20A)
Advertising Claims - R&V Knight Six
Bits And Pieces - 1935 Voisin
Up Hill Struggle of Mrs Ottis from Cleveland (1908 Stearns 30-60)
Stearns Trucks (1911 - 1916)
The Oddities of Colonel Green (Rauch & Lang / Stearns Knight)
A Bit of Fanciful Speculation - Stearns Knight & Front Wheel Drive
I Wonder What Happened to those Old Cars - National Junking Plan of the late 1930's
Knights Engine, New Single Sleeve Valve (1913)
Tech Talk - Detergent or Non Detergent Oil, Feumer Instructions, Oiling Windshield wipers, Watson Stabilator Wrench dimensions.
1933 Willys 99 - Artists Photo - Front Cover
1928 Willys Knight 70A Photo - Back Cover
1926 Willys Knight Sedan with singer Raquel Miller - Inside Back Cover Photo
1917 Overland Advert - CentreFold
Bits and Pieces - Can you identify this 2 Cyl. Sleeve valve engine.
Retirement, A Thing called Work (1925 Stearns-Knight)
52 Years on the Job - WO Employee Retires
Acolade from an Anonymous Admirer
Looking Back 75 Years - the Sleeve Valve Concept
Honeymoon with a Whippet - More on Round Australia honeymoon trip in 1926/7
Whippets 70th Birthday
Tech Talk - Managing the Mystery of the Magneto, The Proper Use of Windshield Washer Fluid. Water Pump Notes.
Meet Photo showing Overland, Knight & Whippet - Front and Back Cover
Book Review - Great American Automobiles
Bits and Pieces - Gas Milage from 1922 Willys Knight
Fashion Wise - Hi Button Shoes and Penny Loafers
Looking Back 75 Years - the Sleeve Valve Concept Continues
51 Years and It's Finally Restored (28 Whippet 96 Roadster)
Lets Talk Chapters - Chapter formation
Chapter Events - Activity Reports from all Chapters
NZ Rally - The Saga of Petal & Blossom Part 1 - (1926 WK 70 & 1929 WK 56)
Off to the Black Hills of South Dakota (1924 Willys Knight Touring)
Cars and their Value
Tech Talk - Four Wheel Trailer Syndrome, Hot Rodding the W.K. 66A engine
Willys Overland Dealers - Front Cover Photo
Model 90 Overland with Dealers - Back Cover Photo
Dealer Premisis and Family Outing Photos - Inside Back Cover
Overland International Dealer Locations - 1913 CentreFold Advert
Fashion Wise Heel, Toe, Arch and Sole
Bits & Pieces - Bakers Doz 1935 Willys 77 Truck's
Another View of the birth of the W.K.
1927 Montreal Auto Show News - CentreFold Photos
Goddesses - Gypsy Rose Lee and Minerva
Automobile Cards in Cigarette Packages
Colonel Green's 1929 Rauch & Lang / Stearns Knight
Kilbournes War Experience (1914)
1921 Registrations
NZ Rally - Petal & Blossom Part 2 - (1926 WK 70 & 1929 WK 56)
Looking Back 75 Years at the Sleeve Valve Engine - Conclusion
Tech Talk - Which Carburetor Fits Your Car
1915 Willys Knight Advert - Front Cover
1927 Whippet Model 96 Coach (from Advert) - Back Cover
Willys Knight Coupe towing Aerocar Trailer - Photo P24.
Fashion Wise - The Royals step into Shoe Vogue
Bits & Pieces - Whippet 96 Cabriolet Restoration
1924 Automobile Blue Book - 35 mph speed limit
The W.O. Plant - Update on fate of Building 49
Early American Repair Garages (1912 - 1915)
NZ Rally - Petal and Blossom Part 3 - (1926 WK 70 & 1929 WK 56)
Knute Rockne, Studebaker, and W-O - (1931)
Assembly in Australia (1930)
Southwaest Chapter does Chickasha
Tech Talk - Spark Plug Data, Window Setting Tape, Seat Belts, Oil for the W.K.
1920 Willys Knight Touring - Front Cover Photo
1920 Willys Knight Sedan - Rear Cover Advertisement
Stearns Knight / Falcon Knight Dealer Photo - Inside Back Cover
1913 Stearns Knight surrounded by Employees - Factory Photo - CentreFold
Fashion Wise - Industry & the Shoe
Knox Knight Automobile - circa 1913
Bits & Pieces - The Willys Family - Vacation Photo
1997 International Meet - Bardstown, Ky
NZ Rally - Petal and Blossom Head Home - (1926 WK 70 & 1929 WK 56)
Christmas Sales Promotion - 1926, Christmas Poem
Garford, A Brief Encounter - incl. Full Page Advert
The Crystal Palace, Hyde Park, London
Lets Talk Whippets - Whippet Racing Dogs
Tech Talk - Repairing early Overland Radiators
1930 Willys Knight Great Six Sedan Advert - Front Cover
1918 Willys Knight Touring Advert - Back Cover
1930 Willys Knight 70B Coupe & Sedan Adverts - Inside Back Cover
A Willys in the Wilderness - 1938 Willys Sedan
Claude Cox -The Unsung Hero - Part 1
Tech Talk - Borg and Beck Q and QL Clutches
Lets Talk Whippets - Model 96 Tools and AAA Economy Record
1909 Overland - Front Cover Photo
1908 Overland Taxi Advert - Rear Cover
Bits & Pieces - Testimonial
Fashion Wise - Weight Doesn't Count (1924)
Willys Covers his Bases in late 1926
1916 Advertising
Chug Buggy - 1896 Stearns Replica
Go-Bomb Hits Overland - Part 2
Lets Talk Whippets - Publicity Records
Tech Talk - Gear Oil, How to Free a Stuck Knight Engine, Reverse Polarity
1911 Overland Brochure Artwork - Front and Back Cover
The Family Heirloom - 1920 Willys Knight Coupe
One Sick Willys - 1930 Willys Sedan
John. N. Willys Great Nephew
3500 Mile Trip in 1933 -1928 Willys Knight 56
Fashion Wise - Vintage Pattern Information
A Year in the life of Charles Y Knight
The Return to Chickasha in 98
Whippet 96 Commercial Body Styles
Water Pump Woes - Part 1
Lets Talk Whippets - Oil Pressure Problems
Tech Talk - What does a Condenser do
1928 Whippet 98 Coupe - Front Cover Photo
1927 Willys Knight Model 70A Sedan - Back Cover Photo
1914 Willys Utility Truck - Inside Back Cover Full Page Advertisement
Fashion Wise - Fashion Notes for Autumn 1929
The Willys Overland Plant lives On (Toledo)
My Name is Buckie (1928 Whippet 96)
Bits & Pieces - 1925 Overland 91 Touring & Factory Photo
1998 International Meet - Bloomington
The Knight Engine on the Continent
Buzz's Whippet - (1929 96A)
Let's Talk Whippets - Fenders or Serial Numbers as 27 / 28 Model break point.
Water Pump Woes Part 2
Tech Talk - Adjusting valves on 1930-33 W.O. 6 & 8. 
1912 Overland 61 - Front Cover Photo
1929 W.K. 66A Varsity Roadster, 1928 Whippet Roadster, 1912 Stoddard Dayton Knight Touring - Inside Front Cover Photo's.
1930 Willys Knight Plaidside Roadster - Back Cover Photo
1923 Willys Knight 54, 1931 Willys Model 97 Roadster - Inside Back Cover Photo's
W.K. Train, Willys Ski Lift, Yellow Knight sign
Fashion Wise - Coats and Suits 1916
The Sleeve Valve Engine Arrives Part 3
Chapter News - All Chapter Events for '99
Let's Talk Whippets - Searching Old Newspaper Adverts
Rocket or Cylinder ? - Cylinder Head Problems on a 1925 W.K.
Water Pump Woes - Part 3
Tech Talk - Freeze Protection, Junk Ring Lubrication, Buying small Wrenches for Points and Tappets, Converting Cut-Out to Solid State.
Overland Four Country Club Roadster - Front Cover Full Page Advertisement
Willys Knight Six / Dejon Electric Corporation - Inside Cover Full Page Advertisement
Willys Knight circa 1925 - Back Cover Full Page Advertisement
Fashion Wise - Variety is the Spice of Life (1900 - 1908)
The Sparkin Car - 1927 Whippet Coupe
The Early Truck Years of W.O.
The Sleeve Valve Engine Arrives - Part 3
Flea Market Treasures
In the Spotlight Again - 1927 Falcon Knight 10 returns to Garford
Stewart Warn-O-Meter
An Edwardian Motor Race (1910 Overland 38 Speedster)
1904 White Knight - Whats in a Name ?
Supercharge your Headlights
Whippet enters Light Commercial Field - Slip On Body, etc
Tech Talk - The Joys of 6 volt electrics, Replacement Axle Bearing Numbers for Whippet 96
Questions & Answers using the Listserver
1927 Federal Knight Truck - Front Cover Photo
Willys Light Plant - Inside Cover Full Page Advertisement
1924 Overland Screen Side Delivery Truck - Back Cover Photo
1924 Model 64 Willys Knight Truck - Inside Back Cover Photos
Fashion Wise - Another Fashion Revolution Imminent (1910 - 1912)
      The Whippet Encyclopedia
      Is it a 1903 Overland ? (Period Photo)
      Building Briggs & Stratton Ignition Switches
      One Big Suitcase Needed (1926 Overland 93)
      Live, Learn and be Corrected (Spoke Jack)
      Far North Tour (New Zealand Rally)
      J.N. Willys Cranks Up for Mass Production of the Sleeve Valve Engine
      An Informative Booklet for the Overland Whippet
      Restoring the Aircleaner
      1929 Whippet 96A Coach - Front Cover Photo
      1923 - 1924 Overland (120 hour endurance run) - Inside Front Cover Photo
      Willys Corporation Stock Certificate of Deposit - Back Cover Photo
Bits & Pieces - (1903 Overland Period Photo)
The Archives - Virginia Willys Baby Picture
Fashion Wise - A Welcome Change (1915 - 1916)
Willys Semi COE - 1940 Panel Delivery Truck
Hockman's Service Station - Period Photo circa 1930
Lamar International Meet Report & Photos
Rebirth of a Truck - 1924 One Ton Overland Crossley Model 91
RAF (Reichenberger Automobile Fabrik from Austria/Hungary) History & Knight Engined vehicles
Has Anyone Seen This Car - 1923 WK Model 64 with Ser No 33784?
Overland Electric - Review of 1918 Document proposing the manufacture of 500 electric vehicles per annum based on Overland Model 4 Chassis.
Let's Talk Whippets - Whippet Encyclopedia on CD Review
Tech Talk - Fixing the IG 1 / IG 101 Ignition Coil
1931 Model 97 Willys Club Sedan - Front Cover
1928 Model 66A Willys Knight Roadster - Inside Front Cover
1912 Overland Model 61 Touring, 1930 Whippet Model 98A Sedan, 1925 Willys Knight Model 65 Sedan - Inside Back Cover
1930 Whippet Model 98A Sport Roadster - Back Cover
Awards and Their Meaning (The Story behind WOKR Club Awards)
The Archives - Recent aquistions include WO Stock Certificates, 100,000 Whippet Photo, Overland Brochure, Light Plant Ad, 1937 - 1942 Paint Chip Set, Toledo Plant Postcard, Videos - mainly Rally including a 1936 Willys Factory Road Test.
Fashion Wise - During the War Period (1914 - 1918)
Ambassador Willys - From Autos to US Ambassador in Poland
A tribute to the Willys Knight (9 verses of poetry)
Finding a Lost or Unknown Overland - Two 1916 Model 75's rediscovered
Bits & Pieces - 1929 Whippet 96A from Montavideo, Uruguay 
Centrefold - Photo of Frank Stearns & Family with 1905 Stearns
A Trip to the South Island - Rallying in NZ with a 1929 Whippet 96A Tourer
Lets Talk Whippets - Custom Built Commercial Bodies on the Rugged Whippet Chassis
Tech Talk - Service Letter 415 Cold Weather Precautions
1923 Model 64 WK Sedan - Front Cover
1930 Model 70B WK Coupes (Pair) and 1928 Whippet 96 Roadster - Inside Front Cover
1910 Model 38 Overland, 1930 WK Model 66B Plaidside Roadster - Back Cover
The Archives - Additions to the Library; Booklet - The Man who came back - J.N. Willys, 1924, Sales Talk and Reference Book, Postcards, Willys Overland Dealer Meeting brochure, 4 W-O Playing Cards.
Fashion Wise - Beginning a comfortable Trend - Flappers American vs French designs
The steel sleeve  - 1933 Willys Model 99 Prototype
A Little history leading up to the Willys Model 99
Voisins in Waiting - 4 Voisins in Australia
Getting the right attitude - Attitudes towards the car before 1910
W-O Dealer Meeting Cartoon - Centerfold
Willys Adapts the Sleeve Valve Concept to a thumping V8 (1917 - 1919 Willys Knight 8-88)
Knights of Portland - 1923 Willys Knight Sport, Willys Knight Queens Car
Daimler Century - Daimler and the Knight Engine
Lets Talk Whippets - 1928 Whippet Parts Price List Review
Bendix Single Anchor Brakes - Willys Knight 66D, Willys 97, 98D, 8-80D
Listserver Discussions - Horn Wiring, Sticking Starters, Model 93 Running Board Material, Willys Knight Oil Pressure Problems
1929 Willys Knight Plaidside Touring - Front Cover
1929 Whippet 96A Coach, 1928 Willys Knight 70A Sedan - Inside Front Cover
1913 Overland 69T Touring, Willys 77 Sedan - Inside Rear Cover
1928 Falcon Knight Model 12, 1927 Willys Knight 70A Sedan - Rear Cover
A proud father with his infant daughter... J.N. Willys with Virginia
Fashion Wise - The Complete Picture - Fashion changes mid 1920s to mid 1930s
The Taylor Crank-Shaft driven Tire Pump - Suitable for Overland 75, 75B, 80, 81, 83, 84, 85, 90, Willys Knight and Stearns Knight
United States Motor Co. (Stoddard Dayton and Columbia Cars) loses Knight and Kilbourne Licence
Autoworld car museum in Brussels, Belgium features over 400 cars including many Knight Sleeve Valved Minervas, a cut away Sleeve Valve engine and a Sleeve Valve Daimler
The Transport Motor Car Company, Spokane, Washington and the connection with a 1923 Willys Knight Model 64
Begin the Adventure - W.O.K.R. Connections and Denmark
Petals Stomach Ache - 1929 W-K Model 56 engine reconditioning
Edwards Knight, Daimler and Willys Knight Connections
Lets Talk Whippets - Howard Thurston and the Vanishing Whippet, The Wonder Show of the Universe
The Willys and the Jan 18th, 1916 Jacksonville Train Station Robbery
Tech Talk - Vapor Locks and Oil Coolers, Finger Tip Control Saver, Making a Whippet Generator Sprocket Remover
Listserver Discussions - Marvel Mystery Oil, Radiator Stone Guards, Whippet Air Cleaners, Overland Model 90B Transmission locks out 1st and reverse
Willys Knight Nursery Ryhme Advertising Material - Front Cover, Inside Front Cover, Centerfold, Rear Cover, Inside Rear Cover
Bits & Pieces - Matchbox Holder advertising W.G. HARRIMAN Willys-Knight & Overland, Canaan, VT Virginia
Fashion Wise - Leading the Parade - The suit....an old standby in 1935 - 1936
Overland Whippet and Willys Knight Playing Cards
Family Line Up circa 1933. The Moeller family with '28 WK 56, '29 Whippet 96A, '29 Whippet 98A, '32 Willys.
Knight-Overland Merchants - Newspaper clippings tell story of sales in the Fort Worth area. (From a seminar by Chet Lamberth at the 40th Anniversary meet.)
The Adventure in Denmark Continues - E. Louise Pruitt meets up with W.O.K.R. Members and vehicles in Denmark (Model 91 Overland and Willys 77)
W.O.K.R. 40th Anniversary Meet in Texas. A pictorial report with many cars shown over 7 pages. Meet Conclusion and award photos.
Motor Camping in the 1920's
Lets Talk Whippets - Paying the Mechanic - A discussion on the 1928 W-O "Flat Rate Service" booklet
Gas Producers - Charcoal Burners used when gasoline was rationed during WW2
Tech Talk - Knight Engine Diagnostic Chart
Listserver Discussions - Whippet 96 drive shaft vibration, WK 66 with slipping clutch, Modern replacements for Overland 91 Fan Belt
1923 WK Model 64 Touring - Front Cover
1910 Overland Model 42 Touring, 1917 Overland SPAD - Inside Front Cover
1936 Willys 77 Coupe, 1930 Willys 6 Truck Model C101 - Rear Cover
Bits & Pieces - The Practical Auto School Special Lesson booklet on the Knight Engine (1912)
Submerged in Muck! 1917 Overland Model 90 rescued from river.
It's finished! 1932 Model 6-90 Tourer restoration - Australia
The Archives - 1919 Confidential Retail Sales Handbook
Junk Yard Discovery - Stearns Knight Display Engine to be restored by Michigan Chapter
Norway - Land of Northern Lights, Fjords & Midnight Sun
Generator Problems - What to do when your 6V Auto-Lite generator stops charging
Chapter Reports - Activities of the North Atlantic, Toledo, Southwest, Tennessee Valley, Dixie, Michigan, Missourie Valley, Upper Mississippi, Western & New Zealand Chapters.
Lets Talk Whippets - A Sweet Connection. McKee Baking Company, producers of "Little Debbie" snack cakes founded with '28 Whippet.
Tech Talk - Causes of Vacuum Tank Flooding Cylinders & the Remedy
(From an original W-O Starter in the library files)
Listserver Discussions - Grease or 600 weight oil in Universal Joints?, Should you keep your car full of oil or a quart under?, Front Brake Equaliser on 1929 Stearns Knight & Willys Knight 66A, Fingertip Control, Detergent versus Non-detergent Oils, Rust in Fuel systems - Should we use rust barriers or different fuel? Which varnish to use on natural wood spokes
Whippet Back Seat Advert Graphic - Front Cover
Factory and/or Period Photos - 1928 Whippet Model 98 Roadster, 1938 Willys with Actress Evelyn Keyes - Inside Front Cover, 1921 R & V Knight - Inside Back Cover, 1927 Willys Knight Model 70A Cabriolet Coupe - Back Cover
(Whippet's Diamond Jubilee Edition)
Archives - Business Leadership booklet with Foreword by J.N. Willys, 1925 Model 64 Willys Knight Touring nostalgia Photo
Pride & Joy - 1932 Willys Model 97, 1928 Whippet 96 Touring
A Tribute - Rose Marie Lucks and Herman Weier
Fashion Wise - Hats, Hats & more Hats, Ladies Home Journal 1924
Bits and Pieces - Billings & Spencer Wrenches
Norway - West to East
Willys Knight Introduces New Balancer, (Lanchester Balancer demonstration unit, 1924)
1928 Willys Knight sees active service again
The Willys Overland Starter, June 15 1926, Engineering Highlights of the Whippet 96 as told by A.J. Baker, Chief Engineer
Lets Talk Whippets - Introducing the Whippet. Specifications of the Whippet (as presented to dealers by W-O).
Petal is back on the Road. (29 Willys Knight Model 66 on a rally in New Zealand)
1926 Willys Knight Model 66 fondly remembered
Tech Talk - Timing Chain variants - Link Belt, Morse, Whitney including tables of specifications for Willys Overland vehicles, Sealing the rear window with Butyl rubber
Listserver Discussions - Velour interior upholstery color and fading, Straightening aluminum steering wheel spokes, Torque Specs for engine bolts, Oil leak from 1919 Overland Model 90 rear axle, Restoring compression in a Knight Engine
Factory and/or Period Photos - 1927 Whippet 96 Roadster (100,000th Whippet) with J.N. Willys - Cover 1928 Whippet 96 Cabriolet Coupe Brochure - Inside Front Cover, Dealer convention photo, June 18, 1926 showing over 700 attendees - Centerfold 1926 Whippet 96 Coach - Inside Back Cover, 1926 Whippet 96 Pulling 15,500 lbs truck, LaPorte, IN, - Back Cover
Pride & Joy - 1911 Overland Model 49, 1924 Overland Model 91
Archives, Internet Purchases - 1911 promotional notebook (JS Fritz Dealership), Toledo Factory postcard, Overland Model 79 Dealer Postcard
Fashion Wise - Earrings
Sweden - The Last Stop, E. Louise visits Kopling car museum
Bits and Pieces - Leaf spring greaser, Willys Overland Factory key chain tag
New Handley Knight makes first appearance in East (Fort Worth Star Telegram, June 27, 1920)
Shape the future of WOKR's existence - Have your say
John North Willys Battles to Save His Company
Lets Talk Whippets - Kansas City Headline "Whippet Car is Novel" - How the Whippet was launched in Kansas
The Whippet News, Special Birthday Edition, August 20, 1927
Minerva - Knight Engines, 1914 Type JJ, 1913 Type EE
Tech Talk - Purolator Oil Filter, Installation notes for 1932 Willys 6, 1926-1931 Willys Knight
Listserver Discussions - Model 91 Generator & distributor housing problems, Whippet 96 replacement fan belts, Gas Stabilizer
Factory Advertisements - 1927 Whippet 96 Cabriolet Coupe - Cover Circa 1932 Willys - Inside Front Cover, 1928 Whippet Fours & Sixes - Inside Back Cover, 1926 Whippet 96 Coach - Back Cover
Pride & Joy - 1928 WK 56 Sedan, 1922 Overland Crossley 4 Touring, 1923 SK S Touring, 1930 WK 70B Sedan, 1928 Whippet 96 Sedan, 1923 Overland 93 Red Bird Touring
Fashion Wise - Now Winter Comes, (Women's Home Companion, Nov 1937)
Bits and Pieces - Rhodig family restores 1930 WK Sedan
Archives - Bridge Score Pad showing Willys Knight Six and Whippets
The 2001 International Meet, Napoleon, Ohio - 67 cars, 272 people, many photos
Our Willys Knight 7 passenger touring car - Excerpts from the book "The way it was: The Robison Family in Collin County, Texas"
Whippet Economy Run, Cotswolds, England
Lets Talk Whippets - Whippet driven 53 miles up Arkansas River Bed to Hutchinson, 30 Aug 1926
Touring Season is at an end.
Tech Talk - The argument for installing a Cycle Computer
Color Photos -
Front and Back Cover - Line up of Knight cars, Napoleon, OH
Inside Front Cover - 1928 FK 12
Inside Back Cover - 1925 WK 66 Brougham, 1928 Whippet 96 Roadster, 1928 Whippet 96 Canopy Express, 1928 Whippet 98 Delivery.
Pride & Joy - 1914 Overland 79, 1928 Whippet Huckster Truck, 1931 Willys 97 Roadster, 1921 Willys Light Plant, 1927 Whippet 96 Sedan
Archives - Many new aquisitions for the library; 1929 Starters, 96A Brochure, Falcon Knight literature, W-O News, Brochures from Atlas Knight, Edwards Knight and Sterling Knight, Overland 4 Introduction Invitation.
Fashion Wise - Underneath it all, The fundamentals of Foundation, The Shuglov Wardrobe (Women's Home Companion, Nov 1937)
Bits and Pieces - Cindy Phillips Whippet 96 Touring
Book Review - Tomboy of the Air, Blanche Stuart Scott drives 1910 Overland non stop from coast to coast.
WOKR Chapters, A review for 2001.
Automobile Accessories circa 1917, 1918
Bonny and Clyde - Movie clips shows Model 87 Sedan
Body Building - Tips from experience
Lets Talk Whippets - Whippet introduction - 1926 highlights
Tech Talk - Making a top water cover nut for Willys Knight 4 or Big 6
Nostalgia Photos -
Front Cover - Govenor of Indiana with 1926 Whippet 96 Coach
Inside Front Cover - 1927 Whippet Touring
Inside Back Cover - 1928 Whippet Roadster - Bloemfontein, South Africa, 1925 Overland Model 91A Sedan (Taxi) - Denmark circa 1930
Back Cover - 1925 Willys Knight 66 Roadster Factory Photo
Pride & Joy - 1940 Willys 440 Sedan, 1941 Willys 441 Coupe, 1929 Willys Knight 70B Sedan, 1923 Model 91 Touring
Bits and Pieces - 1929 Whippet and Willys Knight Paper Weight Match Strikers;
Archives - Hercules bodies booklet for Whippet Trucks.
Fashion Wise - The history of the hat
WOKR at the Hershey Fall Swap Meet
The Willys Overland Knight Story Part VII, The Roaring Twenties,
(Cars and Parts Magazine, by Menno Duerksen)
Stoddard Dayton Knight Sleeve Valve Engine Rebuild
Whats in a name? - Moline Knight becomes R & V Knight
Franklin D. Roosevelt endorses 1925 Willys Knight
Lets Talk Whippets - A Family Heirloom, 1928 Whippet 96 Coach
Tech Talk - Keeping water out of the Carburetor, Front Wheel wobble caused by incorrect toe in, Tracing Lighting circuit Faults, Starting problems
Nostalgia Photos -
Front Cover - Overland Ad, circa 1915
Back Cover - Photo of first WO Dealer Organization, Indianapolis, IN, 1908
Pride & Joy - 1931 Willys Knight 66D Sedan
Bits and Pieces - 1930 Colorado guest licence plate, circa 1913 combination acetylene (lighting) tank and bottle opener (J.P. Scholes, Benalla dealer promototional item).
Archives - Recent donations and aquisitions include 1896 - 1946 Fifty years of Daimler book, Willys Knight 66 Advertisement, "Why the Knight Patented Sleeve Valve Engine is superior" brochure, circa 1912 Overland postcard.
Fashion Wise - The history of the hat (continued)
Not at NAPA - The challenge of finding and delivering parts.
Photos from Denmark - 1927 Whippet 96 Roadster (taken in 1935), 1928 Whippet 96 Sedan (taken in 1951)
I'll be back in a Bomb - The story of a 1908 Russell Model G that almost ended up as a WW2 scrap metal contribution.
A Knight's Test - 4 cyl Moline Knight engine is tested at the 1913 NY Auto Show by Auto Club of America
Root & Van Dervoort, Moline Knight - history and model specifications.
My First 3 weeks with my 1928 Whippet 96 Sedan; A proud new owner tells of his decision to purchase a Whippet and the subsequent vac tank, tire and gasket challenges.
Lets Talk Whippets - Whippet sets National Economy Record; Cannonball Baker drives from Los Angeles to New York
Automobile Engine Troubles - 1922 Reprint.
Tech Talk - Radiator Service and Repair (excerpts from a 1921 book).
Nostalgia Photos -
Front Cover - 1917 Overland factory photo
Inside Front Cover - 1923 Willys Knight Taxicab, Chicago, Ill body builder photo
Inside Back Cover - 1913-14 Willys Utility 3/4 ton truck
Back Cover - JN Willys wishing "Godspeed" to Cannonball Baker driving 1926 Whippet 96 Touring
Pride & Joy - 1916 Overland 83B, 1917 Model 90 Overland, 1928 Willys Knight 70A, 1928 Willys Knight 66A
Bits and Pieces - Willys Knight Patent plate 1 3/4 inches x 3 1/2 inches, German cigarette card showing 1929 Whippet 96A Cabriolet, Double Windshield Wiper, Fire Plug Origins, Willys 98D pedal extenders.
Fashion Wise - Flowers, Lace, Ribbons, Plumes, ... More of the hat history (continued)
In Pursuit of the Road Runner - Members drive their cars to the meet in Nebraska.
2002 Annual Meet, Hot, Hot, Hot and Humid, Omaha, Nebraska.
The R. & V. and its demise; Specifications and history.
Lets Talk Whippets - Quite intriguing Whippet Dealership book found; Suggestions for Store Fronts and Floor Plans for Whippet Dealers
Tech Talk - The dangers of Flying Fans; Willys Jeep to 1971 make a good replacement. Timing Chain Lubrication; Adding external oil pipes. Tail Lights; Increasing visibility.
Color Photos taken at Omaha 2002 Meet -
Front Cover - 1931 Willys Knight Model 95 Sedan
Inside Front Cover - 1931 Willys Model 97 Roadster
Inside Back Cover - 1930 Model 98B Delux Sedan, 1916 Willys Knight Model 84B Touring
Back Cover - 1910 Overland Model 42 Touring
Bits & Pieces - Willys Knight Parking Light, Willys 77 Match Book Cover,
1924 Overland Coupe Nostalgia Photo.
Fashion Wise - Seven ages of the flapper.
W.O.K.R. Chapter reports - Chapter happenings throughout the year
Art Deco - Rally report from Napier, New Zealand
Automotive Design Trends, 1910 - 1930
Lets Talk Whippets - Salesman's Confidential Handbook.
Tech Talk - Fixing loose steering by removing pittman arm and rotating sector gear,
Rechroming Motormeters and removing the thermometer,
Vacuum Tank refusing to suck after running out of gas,
Zinc plating wheel rims
Factory and/or Period Photos - 1927 Falcon Knight roadster Stock car racer - Front Cover,
Milwaukee Falcon Knight Stock car race report from D.B. Cooper, President Falcon Motors Corp. - Inside Front Cover,
Adapted nursery rhyme by Charles Y. Knight - Inside Back Cover,
Willys Knight Touring at Fresno Speedway - Back Cover
Bits & Pieces - Willys Knight Parking Light featured last month is for a Taxi, Ribbon / Cord Threader stamped with Overland dealers name - "Ritter and Yost, Allentown, PA", Photograph of Overland 4 Jumping demonstration.
Fashion Wise - Walking Sticks, the septer of kingly power.
www.greatrace.com - Restoration of a 1928 Willys Knight 66A. W.O.K.R. members to participate in the Great Race of 2003.
After The Show Is Over, Ways to use your car and still have fun.
Claude E Cox, 1879 - 1964, Designed and built the first Overlands.
American Automobile Association celebrates 100 years of driving.
Overland 100th year anniversary, sales brochure extracts.
Willys Knight 64 De Luxe Sedans - Brochure explains differences to Standard model..
Postcard showing an Overland winning the 1910 Iowa Race - Webster City, IA.
Plan for Hershey, pictures of the W.O.K.R. tent in 2002.
Seen at Hershey - Whippet, Overland and Willys framed posters.
In Search Of A Treasure Chest, Barn discovery of Willys Knight collection consisting of 1917 88-4 Touring Sedan, 1919 88-8 Touring, 1922 20A Sedan and Coupe, 1924 64 Touring and 1932 66D Deluxe Sedan
Lets Talk Whippets - The Whippet Six celebrates Diamond Anniversary.
Tech Talk - Check for dragging brakes, Valve Timing, Cylinder Head breakage on Willys Knight, Knight Engine Knock, Adjusting Willys Six brakes
Factory and/or Period Photos - Front cover of Overland Sales Brochure - Front Cover, 1920 Willys Knight Model 20 - Inside Front Cover, Factory advertisement showing 1928 Whippet Cabriolet Coupe parked in front of Ohio University Stadium - Centerfold Factory Photographs of Overland Company - Standard Wheel Production and Shipping Depts - Inside Back Cover, Back cover of Overland Sales Brochure - Back Cover
The Archives - Postcard showing Willys Overland Employees starting for Swayne Field on opening day.
Why we believe in the Knight Engine - R and V Motor Co booklet.
Postcard showing The Overland Bug, Model 38, 1910 clocked at 55 mph.
Pride and Joy - 1922 Overland 4 Touring, 1927 Whippet 96 Roadster, 1928 WK 56 Sedan, 1928 WK 70A Sedan, 1930 Willys C101 Fire Truck, 1931 Willys 97 Sport Coupe.
Bits & Pieces - Nostalgia Photo Section now on the web. New additions are Model 75, Model 91 and Model 98
Fashion Wise - Women adopt the Walking Stick.
The Decline of the F.B. Stearns Company - Corporate Rape or Economic Climate ?
The Hand Crank is Gone, Willys Overland offers the acetylene gas self starter in 1913.
Book Review, The Kalamazoo Automobilist, the town behind many auto makes including Handley Knight.
Another Trip South Whippet 96A Tourer in NZ South Island Rally. (Part 1)
Its absurdly simple, The story of the Willys Knight Sleeve Valve Motor as told by a Willys Overland Brochure.
Lets Talk Whippets - Extracts from "The Factory Behind The Cars", a W.O. publication dated 1927.
Cuban Falcon Knight - Advertisement for 1928 Falcon Knight Touring.
Tech Talk - Confidential Service Information, Falcon Motors Corp on the subject of Prestone (Ethylene Glycol)
Factory and/or Period Photos - Artists drawings from the Knight Engine Booklet -
Front Cover, Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover, Back Cover
Stearns Knight Factory Photograph - Page 8
Dealer Photo showing line up of 8 Overland 91 Champion (3 Door Sedan) Cars circa 1923 - Centerfold
Willys Overland Factory Photographs - Page 22
The Archives - Postcard showing Model 92 Red Bird.
Postcard showing the Overland Hansen Co Building, Waterloo, Iowa circa 1921.
Photo of a little boy and his mother looking under the hood of a Model 91, photo taken circa 1940.
Pride and Joy - 1923 Overland 4 Pickup, 1924 Overland 4 Touring, 1924 Overland 4 Blue Bird, 1925 Model 93 Sedan, 1942 MB Jeep, 1912 Overland 59T Touring, Whippet 98A Touring, 1929 WK 56A Sedan, 1927 Whippet 96 Coach.
Fashion Wise - The importance of the cane.
The Grandson of John North Willys Passes Away - John Willys de Aquire, Sr 1930 - 2003
Vale - John Lawlor - Former Dixie Chapter president passes away after a courageous battle with luekemia.
The Great Race from Start to Finish - 1929 Willys Knight 66A finishes 48th out of 115 entries in a 4000 mile race.
2003 WOKR Meet - Celebrating the early Overlands, 100 years on. Picnic, St Mary of the woods College, Clabber Girl Baking Powder Factory, Covered Bridges, Indiana Theatre, Auction, Seminars, Cars on display, Awards, Election Results, Costumes.
The wreckage of a Dirigible - Overland Model 90 pictured at the scene of the USS Navy Dirigible ZR-1 crash site near Ava, Ohio, 1925
Another Trip South, Part 2 - Tour of New Zealand South Island continues in a 1929 Whippet 96A.
Getting Your Teeth Knocked Out - How to weld new teeth onto the cast iron flywheel of your Overland or Willys Knight.
And On The Way Home - Art Aseltine tells of his trip home from the Omaha meet.
An Invitation - W.O. Invitation for Factory Officials and their wives to a "confidential advance showing" of the new 1923 Overland and Willys Knight models at the auditorium, 6th floor Admin building, Dec 1922.
Lets Talk Whippets - A Whippet is Born, Extracts from "The Factory Behind The Cars", a W.O. publication dated 1927.
Tech Talk - Poppet Valve Adjustment Sequence
Color Photos - Line up of cars at the 2003 Terra Haute meet - Front Cover, Back Cover
1930 Willys 98B Sedan, 1931 Willys 97 Roadster - Inside Front Cover,
1925 Willys Knight Model 66 Touring, 1916 Overland 75B - Inside Back Cover
Jan - Mar
Pride and Joy - 1927 Willys Knight 70A Sedan, 1917 Overland 90 Touring, 1933 Willys Overland 6-90 Sedan.
The Archives - Factory booklet entitled "Your Car" showing an easy way to check front wheel alignment.
1916 postcard showing a custom C.T. Silver body on a 6 cylinder Overland chassis.
1915 Overland promotional stamps by C.T. Silver dealership Co of New York.
1915 W.O. card game "Going to Market"
Bits and Pieces - 1927 Willys Knight truck is a restaurant front at Yokohama Bullet Train station, Japan.
Fashion Wise - The mystique of the veil, Part 1.
Painting your car with Enamel - Old ways compared with new
WOKR Chapters pass in review
Another Trip South, Part 3 - Final part of the 2385 mile trip through the South Island of New Zealand in a 1929 Whippet 96A
Lets Talk Whippets - Whippet Bumper Bars, Extracts from "Accessories for Willys Overland Fine Motor Cars", a W.O. publication dated 1927.
Tech Talk - Champion W10 spark plugs should be used in WK 66, 66A, 66B, 66E, 56, 70, 70A, 70B, 87, 95, Falcon Knights, Stearns Knights. Do not use W18 spark plugs in these engines.
Automotive Tools Redefined - A humorous look at some of the tools we commonly use
Color Photos - Past Dixie Chapter Meet photos - Front Cover, Back Cover, Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover
Apr - Jun
Pride and Joy - 1927 Whippet 1/2 ton Utility, 1916 Overland 83 Touring, 1929 Whippet 98A Sedan.
The Archives - Postcard showing Willys 32 volt Light plant - City comforts for country homes.
Postcard showing Overland Day, Toledo, Ohio.
Manchester Commercial Truck brochure, W-O Crossley Ltd, Heaton Chapel, Stockport, U.K.
Willys Light Plant, L1, L2, L2A Parts Lists, Data and Reference Book.
Wayne Motor Coach Body for Willys Overland Chassis.
Bits and Pieces - Budd All Steel Door Patent Plate and story about Willys Overland connection with Budd Manufacturing Company.
Photo of a 1915/16 Overland Roadster poised to climb steps as a publicity stunt.
Fashion Wise - A Veil of Beauty, Part 2.
Willys Final Fight to Save his Company - Reprinted with permission from Cars & Parts Magazine
Show Cars of 1922 Cater to Mrs Driver - Findings from the 6th annual Pacific Auto show, San Francisco, Feb 1922
The Great Race of 2003 - The support team's view
First - Catch your Jeep - The story of a 1942 MB Jeep, Chassis number 167833 and its life in England
Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles - A review of an annual publication by the Association of Licenced Automobile Manufacturers, (A.L.A.M.)
Burma Shave - The rhyme by the side of the road, Mid 1920's examples of roadside advertising rhymes by the Burma Shave Company
Lets Talk Whippets - The Superior Whippet 96A/98A
Tech Talk - Hot plugs and Cold plugs, W10 versus W18.
WOKR 2004 Annual Meet, Minden, Nevada - Itinery and Accomodation details.
Cover Photos - Graphics from The Story of the W-K Sleeve Valve Motor - Front Cover, Back Cover
1939 Overland 39's being loaded onto a ship - Inside Front Cover
J.N. Willys, 1933 Willys 77 factory photo, Ward Canaday - First Page

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