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1925 Willys Knight Model 66 Roadster - America

1925 Willys Knight Model 66 Roadster (Circa 1925 - 1927) - America

This picture shows Eddie Webster Nathaniel Wofford (extreme left), and his brother, Louis Benjamin Wofford (center of group of 3 and known as Benjamin) after a hunting trip. They owned the Willys-Knight dealership in Abilene, TX, beginning in 1925, until they sold it in about 1929. The identities of the 2 gentlemen either side of Benjamin are unknown although one of them was known as "Hodge" and they were employees of the Wofford brothers.

Thanks to John Wofford for sending in such a historic photograph.
We would be pleased to receive any information on what appears to be an unusual "hardtop" on this vehicle.

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