Willys Overland Knight Registry

1930 Willys 98B Emblem and Radiator Cap
1930 Willys 98B Emblem
1930 Willys 98B Emblem
1930 Willys 98B Radiator Cap #377219 and Emblem #379289 (First Series)

1930 Willys 98B Emblem   1930 Willys 98B Emblem
Second Series Emblem has curved top, picture to the right should not have any holes drilled in lower edge.

See also Radiator Cap Drawing

1930 Willys 98B and 8-80 radiator caps
1930 Willys 98B Radiator Cap (Right) is smaller than 1930 Willys 8-80 Radiator Cap (Left)
The 98B cap measures 3 1/8 inches in diameter whereas the 8-80 cap measures 3.9 inches.
The 98B cap has no casting text but the 8-80 cap reads:
PART NO. 2644

Sand casting of Radiator Cap
Reproduction radiator cap showing bronze sand casting straight from mould

Radiator Cap machined base
Reproduction radiator cap showing machined base, spring clip and gasket from a donor fuel cap

Reproduction Radiator Cap fitted to vehicle
Reproduction radiator cap fitted to vehicle. A lot more work is required prior to chrome plating.

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