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1940 Willys Model 440 Woodie Wagon - America, Page 1 of 3

It is believed 5 of these wagons were made in 1940 and a further 5 in 1941.  The 1941 wagons had a different beltline to this one.  Drivers side just has one opening door and although this one is bodied by U.S. Body and Forging of Tell City, Indiana, at least one of the 1941 wagons was bodied by Mifflinburg.  Serial numbers were not sequential and standard Sedan bodywork appears to have been used for the cowl, windscreen and roof header panel, floor pan and rear fenders.  The rear wheelwells, rear floor (wood), spare tyre mounting and rear bumper brackets are all unique to the wagon as are the rear mudguards/fenders.  Generic tubular steel seats used in many other brands of woodie wagons are fitted.

1940 Willys Model 440 Woodie - Front View Right Side View Right Side View with Doors Open Rear View Spare Wheel Detail

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