1933 Willys Six Wheel Equiped "Special Six" Sedan Model 6-90A - Australia

Front View Rear View Drivers View Front Seat Rear Seat Engine Right Hand Side Engine Left Hand Side Chassis during restoration

This vehicle is believed to be the only surviving Deluxe 6 wheel equiped 6-90A in Australia.  Australian 6-90A's did not have the opening door style vents on engine hood like their USA counterparts and retained the Model 97 / 6-90 style of engine hood with horizontal louvres.
This car has been restored to the original color scheme of black fenders, black wire wheels, royal blue body with mid blue seats and door trims.  Seats are leather faced as are the rear arm rests.  Leather cloth is used on the seat backs, sides and door trim.  Both front and rear bumper bars have a small shield in the center.  Interior lights are fitted to both rear corners.  It has interior pull handles fitted to the doors.   It has Startix, Free Wheeling, synchromesh gearbox and adjustable front "camping" seat features as per advertisement.
Note 'AC' air cleaner which sits up high. This was new for the 6-90A and was not fitted to the 1932 Model 6-90.

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