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Australian made "Koala" brass carburettor for 1926 - 1930 Whippet Model 96/96A

Australian made brass carb for 1926 - 1930 Whippet Model 96/96A
Brass Koala Carburetor Brass Koala Carburetor with Air Cleaner

Both the Koala and the Atom were a copy of the USA made Tillotson and can be used as replacements for the following models:
1926 Model 96 Whippet: Tillotson S-4A, S-4AF (Export)
1927 Model 96 Whippet: Tillotson S-4B
1928 Model 96 Whippet: Tillotson S-4C, S-4CF (Export)
1929 - 1930 Model 96A Whippet: Tillotson S-4D

Tillotson S4-C
Tillotson S-4C

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