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Whippet 98 History

On April 15, 1928, Willys Overland announced the all-new 6 cylinder Whippet Model 98 which complemented the 4 cylinder Whippet Model 96 in terms of styling and appointments.  Although there was a 6 cylinder Whippet for 1927, the Model 93A, this was very new in terms of its engine which included a 7 bearing crankshaft, full pressure oil feed to all bearings, thermostat water control, Nelson Invar Strut pistons of Bohnalite and an adjustable timing chain drive. Bore was increased, stroke decreased to new dimensions of 3 1/8 x 3 7/8 inches and an extra 3 horsepower to give 43 bhp @ 2800 rpm.  RAC Horsepower was now 23.  Advertising and promotion of the Whippet 98 was minimal even though it was the lowest priced 6 cylinder automobile made in the USA at the time.  Prices had been dropped between 15 and 20% over the previous Model 93A.
Some speed and endurance tests were performed at the Indianapolis Speedway and some records were established for a car costing less than $1000, including 56.52 mph average for 24 hours, and 63 mph in a 50 mile sprint.

The Whippet 98 was however fairly short lived, because on November 9th, 1928, production started on its replacement, the Model 98A.

Whippet 98 Serial Numbers

1928 USA  10001 - 51250
1928 Canada N/A *

* Although the Serial Number range is not available it is thought that 1755 were built in Canada.


Whippet 98 in America

Advertised prices were as follows;
Tourer (5 passenger) $615
Roadster - Rumble Seat (4 passenger) $685
Coupe (2 passenger) $685
Coach (5 passenger) $695
Cabriolet Coupe (4 passenger) $745
Sedan (5 passenger) $745


Holden Model 98 Body Production (Australia)


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