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1928 Whippet Model 96 Touring 1005 hours Endurance Test - Tasmania, Australia

1928 Whippet Model 96 Touring 1005 hours Endurance Test - Devonport, Tasmania, Australia

The following extract from the © Whippet Model 96 Encyclopedia details the known history on this publicity event;

Jan 1 - Mar 12, 1928.  World non stop engine record.  A Whippet in Tasmania beat the previous record held by South Africa of 973 hours to set a new one of 1005 hours.  During this time the car covered 10,613 miles (244 miles/day average) with its engine running continuously.  It used 567 gallons of Plume Motor Spirit and 1 gallon of Valvoline oil during the trip which included many periods of idling.  Tyres averaged 6013 miles (and this wasn’t counting two damaged early in the test by horseshoes).  The test was organised by Johnstone and Wilmot Pty. Ltd, Devonport who were the North West Coast agents for H.C. Heathorn & Co. Ltd.  Drivers were A. Dawson, sales manager, and Stanley Baker, head mechanic, of Johnstone and Wilmot Pty. Ltd.  The sealed engine was officially started by the Warden of Devonport, Tasmania.  A log was carried with the car, bearing the following heading: - “I, whose signature is appended below, certify that on the date in the margin opposite my signature I inspected the Whippet car, and at the time the engine was running smoothly and the seal of the switch was intact and to the best of my knowledge had not been interfered with in any way.”   Over 300 signatures were obtained during the run, many of them from prominent citizens of municipalities the car passed through.   An account of the car’s travels was broadcast from 3LO, Melbourne, at the conclusion of which the radio announcer requested the Warden of Devonport to break the seal and switch off.   Sponsors of the record were Vacuum Oil Company (Plume Fuel), Valvoline Oil Company (Valvoline Oil), B.E.S. Plugs (Spark Plugs), Perdriau Rubber Co. (Tyres) as well as the John N. Willys Export Corporation.

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