Welcome WOKR Guests & How To Register to use the Forum
09-01-2020, 02:16 AM,
Welcome WOKR Guests & How To Register to use the Forum
All guests to our forum are required to register for access. Registering is quick and easy.

If you wish to view public forums, post new topics / respond to existing topics, please register as a user.

The registration process is simple and will allow us to activate your account after approval. The registration process will ask you to create a USER NAME, PASSWORD, LOCATION, MEMBERSHIP # (if applicable), and you must agree to our terms of usage agreement. Each new user account will be verified and approved as quickly as we can. WOKR relies on many volunteers to complete the tasks that keep our organization running smoothly.
Please note that registration is NOT automatic when joining WOKR.
You must still create your forum account by registering online.  

Copies of our monthly newsletter as well as our quarterly Starter Magazine are available for Members. We DO send our Quarterly Magazine out to US and International Members via USPS. All have access to a digital version on the Forum.
Online dues payment is quick and easy, but please allow us a bit of time to allow you access to the Members Only Forum after you register and pay your dues.
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Any questions, please email:     forum@wokr.org
Thanks and enjoy the forum.


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