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olis aint oils???? or are they? WK 70
01-17-2019, 12:13 PM,
olis aint oils???? or are they? WK 70
the service requirements for the WK 70 state the need to chain the oils and grease etc every 5 minutes....which is clearly not true with modern cars.

when using modern oils and etc in the old cars.... do the same oil change and lubrication schedules apply?

I sure hope not!!!!

01-17-2019, 05:24 PM,
RE: olis aint oils???? or are they? WK 70
Anything you burn as a fuel gets into the sump diluting the lubricating oil. With the modern fuels there are serious corrosion problems and the more old engines wheeze and with them often just doing sort runs and low yearly milages the more important it becomes to drain the oil early and definitely before winter hibernation, the engine oil on my 83 after a three hour run on a hot day hardly gets warm so wouldn't get hot enough to drive the condensate off, oil is cheaper than a engine rebuild.
Cars that are only run a few miles or once every few years, like a friends car had, still need oiling and greasing as oil and grease dry out, I had fitted new kingpins twenty years ago and I think it had only been looked at the odd time since, it was a real mess to sort out as the kingpins were seized in the bronze bushes on both sides and the pins were rotating in the axle beam, as the kingpins are screwed into the axle you can't just press them out and just using brute force undoing the kingpin was either going to strip the thread in the axle or spread and most likely break the axle fork, if it moves or stands still you should oil or grease it and while you are doing it look at various parts its the best way to become familiar with things and you might spot something going wrong before it does.
01-19-2019, 09:59 AM,
RE: olis aint oils???? or are they? WK 70
oils aint oils....

yes i noticed my "deliberate" spelling mistake... (oops)

while i thank David for his answer... the only one of 70+ readers who answered.... i still feel there is room for discussion...

modern lubricants are a far leap forward from what was available when the cars were new, and the maintenance instructions were written. There ought to be less need for oil changes every 500 miles.

I think, if a person goes to all the trouble of restoring such a car, it might be reasonable to think that the car will be taken out quite often...

Yes our city has the one famous "Bay to Birdwood" run each year, but why wouldn't i be using it to go to my local Bunnings warehouse (a hardware chain in Australia) for my morning coffee.... think of the admirers who will want to check it out!!!!...ok... maybe that is imagination gone wild... but still... i can see us using the car regularly...sunday drives....oh the ratbags in modern cars who are always in a hurry, who i can delay till they find a passing lane...hehe

Anyway... back to the point, i was hoping that someone might have researched the use of modern oils and greases... and the longevity that can be expected.

My WK70 does not, apparently come with an oil rectifier as standard.... so... has anyone looked at the possible benefit of an oil filter (hidden away so as not to spoil the original look)...

the wheel bearings etc which need repacking every short while.... has anyone looked at using modern equivalent "sealed" bearings? out of sight, so hardly upsetting the tree-huggers???

anyone else willing to buy into this and provide rational information?

best wishes to all members, and affiliated members

01-19-2019, 11:13 AM,
RE: olis aint oils???? or are they? WK 70
I haven't taken the time to read the comments above so I apologize if I am repeating. The sleeve valve engines depend on carbon build up to seal sleeve to sleeve and outer sleeve to block. Because of that you do not want to use detergent oils. Knight sleever needs carbon.

Also you do not want to use glycol anti freeze for freeze protection or cooling qualities. If there is a gasket leak and glycol antifreeze gets into sleeves, it will wash away lube and heat and break lugs on sleeves when sleeves seize.

I do own a 27 WK model 70A cab coupe. Lovely fun car.

If you already know this..............nevermind.
01-19-2019, 11:22 AM,
RE: olis aint oils???? or are they? WK 70
Thanks Dave

i appreciate the explanations

we don't have "freeze" problems where i live....rather the opposite....

but the comments about carbon...yes i remember reading that.... so modern oils... but avoid detergent oils.... i will discuss that with my local retailer... see what is available...

again, Thanks

01-19-2019, 11:53 AM,
RE: olis aint oils???? or are they? WK 70
Greg,  Why not use the stuff that the car was designed to use.  Car probably ran great and would for many moons with good old non-detergent straight weight.  I have never been to ausie land and have no idea of climate so I did not know if there were freeze problems or not.  I live in Florida USA and no freeze here to worry about either.

I am for a moment going to remove my FORUM ADMINISTRATOR HAT and give a strictly personal opinion.

Regarding the Club Member vs. Non Member I agree with you that it should not make any difference.  I am viewing this forum multiple times each day and read every post since it is my job.  I have no control what so ever on the activity of posts, other than removing spams, advertisers, junk and junky posts.  

With that being said it is My personal opinion that you will get much more traction (in general) if you are a WOKR club member with interaction from the forum.  Main reason, I would guess, is that if you are a club member then you are known to the club.  You would be in the club roster and chances are you would be trying to preserve the vehicle you have.  (It is obvious to me that you are doing exactly that).  Not everybody thinks that way.  

Many Many Many of the people who have registered to the forum and are not club members are just sniffing around to find values or looking to fix up a car somewhat to sell it and it then goes street rod.

End result here is that if you have enough interest to officially join the club, you will get all of the WOKR benefits, roster with all of the cars (probably a couple hundred or more of 70 series) with contacts including emails for many.  Your interest in the club usually equates to interest in restoring, using, maintaining, driving, preservation and just plain protecting what you have.  

This is not always the case.  From what I have heard time and time again, people do not want our extras or spares to be sold to someone who will not use the part/parts for quality restoration or installation.  If you are in the club that pretty much is a good indication that your car will remain in the Willys Overland group.

This is only MY PERSONAL TAKE on this as just another interested WO guy.  This has NOT been the opinion of club in any way shape or form.

OK   Now I will put my Forum Administrator hat back on.

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