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WK 70 same as 70A???
01-17-2019, 12:09 PM,
WK 70 same as 70A???
I am having to look at alternate spares for my WK 70

Is anyone able to say if there are significant differences compares with the 70 A?


01-19-2019, 10:03 AM,
RE: WK 70 same as 70A???
thanks to the 48 people who have read this, so far.... but i am disappointed than no one answered.... someone must know?

I think i have found an answer.... that the engines are mostly the same... piston sizes etc.... so the booklet available giving alternatives to WK70A parts would work with WK70...... i hope....

but i would still appreciate other peoples experience...

i am in trouble trying to find pistons and con rods, as well as a starter.... if someone has had experience with this...please do say hi

best wishes to all

01-19-2019, 11:16 AM,
RE: WK 70 same as 70A???
I would suggest that you join the big club. There are a whole bunch of 70's and 70A's in the club especially USA.
01-19-2019, 11:19 AM,
RE: WK 70 same as 70A???
hi Dave
thanks for your suggestion
i am in australia... and belong to the WOCV, which is affiliated with the WOKR...indeed, our website forum links directly to here...

i am hoping that people will accept that and not feel i am a complete outsider

best wishes


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