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08-13-2018, 07:45 AM,
#1 version 2
I would like to make a special introduction to this brand new W.O.K.R. Forum member "Willysonline", A.K.A. David Eilers.  David has recently taken over the web site and has made many positive changes to this web site.

The original website was built as a resume project and operated by the owner.  The site was originally intended to be in support of all things Willys Overland.  I personally got involved in an attempt to build up the "Stock" pre-war side of the site since it was almost all off road 4 wheelers and a bit street machine.  We succeeded and there was at one point a very nice balance.  Then the prior owner lost interest and put the site on auto-pilot.  The result was that content became so crapped up with spammers that it just went in the toilet.

I became aware that the rights to could possibly be obtained, considered it briefly and decided that with no skill at programming I had no business even thinking about taking it over.

I passed the information on to Dave Eilers and the rest is history.  Dave is sole owner (I believe) of Willysonline, has cleaned up and streamlined the site and CLEARLY is in support of the restoration, preservation and operation of Pre-war W.O. products.  He remains and is an expert on Jeep but is extremely interested in promoting and learning about our pre-war vehicles.

He is helping our interests.  Please extend a welcome and any help Dave needs with building back this site.  Willysonline does have a forum as well.  A good sized group of us W.O.K.R. folks have been on this forum in the past.  Please continue to go there.

Link to the site is:

Thanks Dave Eilers and Thank Willysonline

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