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WK 66 Gearbox
08-09-2018, 08:18 AM,
WK 66 Gearbox
Hello all.
I have a problem with my 66 WK box.  Since it was done up it has had a rattly noise when you push the clutch and hard to get in gear. As it has been getting worse I pulled the clutch and sure enough the spigot/pilot bush was worn and spinning in the flywheel with the bush stuck on the main shaft.  I replaced this and put a new throw out bearing in. The front main shaft fitted easily into the bushing which is brass.
I used a copy main shaft to line up the multi disc clutch plates. The noise is gone but the car still wont go properly into gear.
There  is plenty of clutch disc separation.
Is this poor alignment of the main shaft  in the pilot bush ?
Or a dragging clutch plate ?
Or could the main shaft be going too far into the pilot bushing and grinding on  the flange on the pilot/ spigot bush. I have tried to ease this out a bit by putting washes between the bell housing and engine, but that didn't help.  I will have to remove the gearbox for a third time.
The gearbox is perfectly free.
Ideas thanks   Rob
08-09-2018, 03:07 PM,
RE: WK 66 Gearbox
I haven't seen a 66 clutch unit, but have had to overcome some problems with multi plate clutches, often they seem everlasting and work perfectly until disturbed with the symptoms you have. Both inner and outer drums get worn with small groves by the clutch plates, if any of the plates get put back in a different place to where they came out from a variation of thickness may cause one or more plates to cam lock, symptoms can be a from a dragging clutch, snatching, squawking and a slipping clutch, ad to that if its an oil immersed multi plate one with many flat surfaces it can take some sorting, and if you ever have to disassemble one if they were working ok before, then all plates must go back in there exact place, its a sit down and look carefully because if its working with a useable condition it could be made worse very quickly.

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