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Inquiry: History of This 1930 Whippet Deluxe Sedan
08-08-2018, 12:29 AM,
Thumbs Up  Inquiry: History of This 1930 Whippet Deluxe Sedan
This 1930 Whippet Deluxe Sedan recently came up for sale by a vintage car dealer in Oregon: - with green body, black fenders and yellow wire wheels. Appears to possibly have one repaint. Interior is original. 

With the kind help of a WOKR member, who saved his old rosters, it appears this car was owned by a WOKR member by the name of Rademaker from Wauwauskee, WI in the 1980’s (and perhaps prior) and then by another member by the name of Hensley from Menominee, WI in the 1990’s.

Tried to look up both on the web with no result. Thus, reaching out through this forum to see if any of you know either of these former owners, as I am interested in the history of this car. From the car dealer in Oregon who recently sold it, it is clear that the car was in Wisconsin at least back to 1943, but wondering about the years prior and whether it originally came from Michigan.

Grateful for any assistance.
1929 Whippet 98-A Deluxe Sedan, Restored
Rundle Maroon, Black Fenders and Yellow Wires
Rack and Trunk
Similar to maternal Grandfather's two identical Whippets
Purchased from original owner in 1976

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