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Overland Vin
06-14-2018, 11:17 PM,
Overland Vin
Hello Everyone
I still have had zero luck finding the three digit vin on this 1912 touring....I got to thinking and does its location make any difference since this car is right hand drive? 
I will try to attempt to upload a photo of where it was suggested I look by the front left headlight/radiator mount on a flat section of the frame, not to be foolish but the left and right sides are determined by standing behind the vehicle correct?
At the bottom of the picture you see the casting for the roof strap mount and just to the left you can see where I cleaned off the paint.
I have looked for tags, stamped numbers on the rear engine mounts, to no avail.
I just dont want the D.O.T to drill holes and hang a modern tag on this old girl...I am not willing to quit yet however I sure could use some help.
Feel free to call me also @ 319.931.5976

**** I see my picture didnt load....I am working on it..thanks
06-15-2018, 01:37 AM,
RE: Overland Vin
On my 1915 83 the chassis is stamped on the right dumb iron and the plates are on the bulk head just under the cutout, I was told these mostly get moved to there from under the back seat but if they were once there there should be evidence and there is none, there should be an engine number with model of that engine on one of the back bearers  plus the chassis and this should match.


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