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Balkrank Bumper Caps--NEW!!!
06-10-2018, 03:17 AM,
Balkrank Bumper Caps--NEW!!!
I have for sale, 1 complete set of 10, aluminum caps for Balkrank tubular bumpers.  These were manufactured by Tom Lester of the Lester Tire Co, back in the 1960's.  He tried manufacturing many replacement parts for many cars back in the day.  He made most of the reproduction running board step plates you see out there today.
This is the only set of these I have ever seen.  It is the only set I have.  They have been stored, individually wrapped, and boxed for the last 50 years!!  Please examine the pictures below carefully, the caps are better then the pictures show.  These fit the 2-1/4 in smooth tube bumpers.
I don't know how to price these, they are so rare.  I am taking offers via email, or through the private message system in this forum.

Al Donze
Mt. Sterling, OHIO

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